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How bad could a night shift end up? 

In this game, you will play as a bouncer for a really exclusive (maybe illegal) underground night club. You are tasked to decide who is welcome, and who is better off searching for another place to have a drink. Everything should go smoothly, until a small mysterious package appears.

This short horror game contains three unique endings.

Updated 11 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Ludum Dare 53, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


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The game was cool! I had fun being a bouncer

Nice game keep up the good work. 

I say often that some of the scariest games are the ones that throw you in with no context; I put the pieces together later but what an uncomfortable position to be in. This game did a good job of slowly making you ear every knock on the door more and more. Good stuff! 

I tried really hard to figure out how to get the last ending lol This indie game is really simple but was really interesting and the scares got me pretty good :)

Creepy game, Loved it! Got all 3 endings.

Great game! Amazon needs to stop leaving their packages around lol I really enjoyed the alternate ending which was a twist for me! 

I finally got my package.

Very good game. I really like the fact that there are multiple endings. But not only this adds replay value. Also, during one playthrough, you are unlikely to see all the dialogues, which is also not bad. The plot here is very.. unusual, and I like it, as well as the concrete impact of your actions on it. Plus, the third ending was really fun) So, the game is really good, the only thing is that the "screamer" with the sudden appearance of a person behind me without sound does not always appear, although the ending was almost the same. In general, everything turned out pretty well, so I still liked the game

This was an intersting game where the story was told throughout the game slowly, though I felt like the story didn't say enough, it was still interesting to go through the endings and the game to see what happened! The interactions with the people coming to the club were fun and you made a lot out of a little!

Nice short horror game!


Good game!! I liked the game, it was good to have a life of security for one night lol, anyway you did a good job with the game, by the way I thought the graphics were pretty, however I was a little confused with the ending I got but anyway nice job keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

I really like the concept of this game, was so cool. i got all 3 ending to :) great job game dev x

nice work =) got to be the best bouncer at the ghost club

Really loved this game and had fun with it, cant wait for more!

What a great video....the jumpscares were the best as i literally jumped out of my chair......overall with a great atmosphere.....it was a real horror game

be sure to check out my video on me playing it....

thanks a lot for this experience :)


A fun, short little adventure! I like the visuals, the storytelling is ok; I think as one of a few introductory games to the genre it's not bad! That said, replaying for the other endings felt a little tedious; if it were any longer it wouldn't have been very fun to see. This is perhaps the only real downside; the differences in dialogue, cadence of those who want to come in, etc are nice. I also do like the moving box and scares sequence - this plays out well, just not as well the second/third time.Thank you for the game!


Really appreciate the feedback! I agree that the game is repetitive with multiple playthroughs. Unfortunately, I couldn't add much more as it was made within 72 hours for the LD gamejam. 

I'm currently working on another project. When that is completed, I plan on creating a larger scaled horror game very much like this one. (small confined location, unique story, choice making, multiple endings)


One of the few choice based I really enjoyed. From the text to the background music, things just felt right. Super easy to commentate on as well ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Fun video too :)

That means alot, thank you ! ❤️


Fantastic game with interesting story and really creepy atmosphere! I can see this easily having more endings! Keep up the good work!


Thanks! Unfortunately, this game will become too repetitive with more endings. However, I am planning on creating a larger scaled game with a lot of similair aspects.


Excellent job with this game. I loved the build up and the suspenseful atmosphere. The story being told was very interesting too.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 10:20


Really cool game! I got all 3 endings!! 

Good job with the endings :)



The graphics, sound design and gameplay were all great! Good game, I'd recommend!


Thank you for making this game~ I wasn't expecting that ending at all! ૮ ⚆ﻌ⚆ა

Thanks! It was a blast making this one.


Vraiment tres cool j ai beaucoup aimer!

Tres original =) good work !


Rather interesting little game! Enjoyed trying to figure out what was going on!

Glad you liked it!


10/10 Game, I loved the creepy atmoshphere created by the game. It kept me on my toes at all times and the scares did not disappoint. Keep it up man! Hope to see more from you, and yes I totally recommend this game to other players looking for a short spooky experience.


Great game 👍 Can't  believe that box made my jump 😂

Thanks, great reactions haha!


Loved it!


10/10 Game, I loved the creepy atmoshphere created by the game. It kept me on my toes at all times and the scares did not disappoint. Keep it up man! Hope to see more from you, and yes I totally recommend this game to other players looking for a short spooky experience.

Thank you! I'm happy to create these games!


Comments below clip:

This may sound odd, but this game brought back happy memories from back in the day, when I did work as a bouncer myself. That might explain why I refuse to let so many people enter the facility. Although this is a game, in reality, it was my responsibility to take care of the guests inside the club and safeguard their security. That means you have to be picky and choosy.

As I only play a game once, I got 1 ending [of course :o], so I'll watch others who got all three.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sincerely appreciated.

Kudos to all involved. Job well done. Great game!

(1 edit)

This is a very nice comment and I'm glad that I have been able to bring back some memories. I've always been interested in professions like these as they are really underappreciated. Also understandable you stuck with the third ending haha. 


I got all 3 endings, fun short experience! My friend and I had fun commentating

Good job! Glad you liked it!


10/10 I got fired

Haha, this made me laugh.


Simple yet creepy loved it.

Thanks for the video, glad you liked it!


Super cool game! Loved the subtlety of the scares and how the game built up over time.  I went for all 3 endings.

Looking forward to more from this dev!

Thank you! I've been working on a full version of an earlier GameJam project `Agent No. 6` for quite some time now. Stay tuned!


Pretty cool. I enjoyed this. fairly simple but some nice creepy moments. Found all three endings.


Good job with the endings! Thanks for the video!

Thanks and you're welcome!


This game is simple yet mysterious. Really creep me out when weird stuff coming. Very good short horror game. Looking forward for your other project :)

Thank you! This game was a lot of fun (and challenging) to make. Glad you liked it.


 good game

Gave it a play. Couldn't get that first ending but i enjoyed it. Good stuff and look forward to more!

A vidya too!


I usually don't expect much from these indie horror games anymore but this was amazing. Keep up the good work


Thanks! There are a lot of great small horror games out there though. I'm amazed by the amount of great games submitted for the Ludum Dare GameJam. 


Great atmosphere 

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